Congratulations on a job well done!

The purpose of an awards program is to celebrate an outstanding job performed by an individual or group of individuals. It is important that the “Awards Program” celebration is outstanding in its own right. The winners feel good about their accomplishments and the great feeling they get when walking across that stage to receive their award! This creates the desire to work hard year after year in order to return to the stage and receive additional recognition. This is a true Return On Investment for the company!

Showtime Events understands all aspects to this desired result of Awards Programs and works closely with each of our clients to script the perfect show! We customize a theme to drive a certain message from the company. We then weave this theme throughout the décor environment, stage set, scenic, video production, lighting and entertainment portions of the show to achieve that desired result.

Showtime Events has the team of technicians and producers to exceed expectations at your next Awards Program. Whether they are the expectations of the award winners, or the company leaders, we will exceed them all!

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