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007 – Casino Royale

A night of high rolling excitement began when the guests entered thru an authentic grand archway façade.  A customized sign greeted all with “Welcome to The 007 Casino Royale Party”.  Once inside the ballroom, guests felt as though they were actually in “Salon Privee” directly out of the movie!  Suspended around the perimeter of the ballroom were eight (8) large panels of rich burgundy velvet curtain swaged and tied with gold tassels.  The fabric was rich in color complete with gold fringe.  Each of these panels were up lit to create an elegant glow throughout the room.  The stage treatment consisted of a black backdrop accented by white stretched spandex featuring a custom logo gobo of the 007 Casino Royale.  Directly in front of the stage was a large white dance floor with the 007 logo prominently displayed.  Distinctive lighted LED bars were on hand and throughout the night the lighted bars changed color creating a unique touch to this great night.  Dinner tables were covered with black floor length linen with an Aston Martin DB-5 centerpiece to enhance the theme of this program.  Burgundy and gold napkins accented.


Additionally, we provided a full casino gaming section for guests to enjoy throughout the night following dinner.  Black Jack, Craps, Roulette, Slot Machines…  Showtime provided the games and dealers to make this night a big hit!

The Garden Party

Guests were impressed through sight, sound and smell as they entered the gardens at this welcome party!


Creating a unique look at the entrance to the ballroom and in the cocktail area, we installed a beautiful botanical garden.  Large vignettes of plants and fresh colorful florals were strategically placed to establish the theme early.  Roman columns and urns on pedestals were found throughout this area overflowing with greenery and beautiful flowers.  Additional stone statues were placed “in the garden” with fresh greenery at the base.  Colorful spotlighting enhanced this entrance area and completed this incredible look!


Once the guests entered the main ballroom, they saw a continuation of the “garden” theme.  There were a variety of “gardens” throughout the main function area.  To one side was a fresh green “lawn” complete with croquet and bocce for guests to enjoy.  In another area, we featured a beautiful “sunflower” patch.  In yet another, a beautiful fresh “rose garden”!


The tables featured checkered linen alternating between red, green, yellow and blue.  This was the perfect look for this dinner to be enjoyed in a beautiful “garden”. Each table alternated between a glass vase with fresh cut florals and a hand made basket featuring fresh picked fruit as a showcase.


Additionally, fresh greenery, lush trees and florals accented the food buffet stations and bar areas.  A large hand painted mural backdrop of a lush garden accented the stage area.  This was a fresh new and beautiful theme concept that guests truly enjoyed.



Sanibel Island

Showtime Events created an unbelievable series of events over the course of 6 days for National City Bank in Sanibel Island, Florida, April 22nd – 27th.  Dittman Incentive Marketing was hired by National City Bank to produce an incentive marketing program that would create a unique and profitable experience for National City employees.  Dittman Incentive Marketing turned to Showtime Events to make it happen!


The event was a three-day excursion for winners in beautiful western Florida.  National City had two separate groups of winners and decided to do back to back programs based on size and company demographics.  They looked to Showtime to design, create and produce and incredible set of events that topped a fantastic program the previous year.


The guests flew in to sunny Florida for their excursion, while the staff at Showtime Events set out to create an impressive week.


The welcome reception was designed as a casino night and scheduled to be installed out doors around the pool to allow guests to enjoy the great weather and scenery.  Over 500 guests were expected in the first group, so a large installation of gaming tables, dining rounds, cocktail tables, décor and A/V production were schedule for this night.  There was minimal house lighting in this area, so area lighting was also required.  The equipment, décor, and games were put into place and the finishing touches put on prior to the guests arrival.  Guests enjoyed themselves immensely this evening with great food, great drinks, casino games, and dancing, as the kick off to an incredible incentive program began.


Day two was a “Great Restaurants” evening in which the guests were transported to a restaurant of their choice on Sanibel Island.  Multiple restaurants were secured and made available for the groups that evening.  Back in the ballroom at the resort, the Showtime staff was installing the first phase of the final night.  The audio, lighting and video production was all put into place at this time.  The entire A/V rig was installed into the ceiling and tested, to be ready for rehearsals the following day.


The following day (day 3), the décor crew started early installing all aspects of the room décor.  The crew broke into miniature teams to cover the entire ballroom in a timely fashion.  By noon, the majority of the large décor was in place and the tables began to be set.  As rehearsals started later that afternoon, the final décor touches, light programming and band sound checks were completed.  Finally, the room was complete and ready for the awards and partying to begin!


This incredible evening began in the foyer with a cocktail reception and a great entrance to the ballroom with a facade of the legendary “Studio 54”!  A “bouncer” was placed at the entrance to allow guests to randomly enter as the bouncer saw fit, just like the old New York landmark used to do.  As the guests entered, they were in awe of the incredible “club like” appearance they were exposed to for their final evening.  The interest heightened and everyone wanted to be the next group to be let in.  This entrance was a spectacle in itself.  We were able to get the guests involved and entertained prior to even entering the ballroom.  The anticipation was incredible!  As the guests entered, the band “Superfly” played and once everyone was seated, dinner began.  Following dinner, the awards started.  This was the most important part of the evening for National City and we heavily focused on specialty lighting to ensure all aspects of the awards ceremony were spectacular.  Immediately following the awards, “Superfly” once again took the stage and turned the heat up to keep the party cooking all night long!  It was an unbelievable night and a great ending to a great 3-day getaway for the winners!


The best part of this particular event was that although this 3-day incentive trip was done, we were only half way through.  There was another group arriving that very next day looking forward to an incredible experience.  It was our job to deliver.


Departure day for the first group was also arrival day for the second group (day 4).  This was an intense period as Dittman Incentive Marketing handled both departures and arrivals at the same time!


The new group arriving was due to experience their “Welcome Reception” that evening.  So, in preparation for that, set-up began once again poolside early in the morning.  On this particular morning, rain was expected throughout the day.  It was decided that we would stay outside for the event, so the set-up had to be done in such a way as to protect the equipment from the weather.  We also had to be prepared for a possible move inside and have the necessary equipment, décor, and gaming available for this move.  This created some adjustments for the second installation and made it a whole new set-up as new measures were put into place throughout the day.  As luck would have it, it never rained and the event took place outdoors as expected.  The guests loved it and partied under the stars for long after the curfew allowed!


The second group enjoyed “Great Restaurants Evening” as expected on their 2nd night (day 5)!  Just as the earlier group experienced, each guest was transported by town car to a restaurant of their choice on Sanibel Island.  The Showtime production team re-focused lighting and made necessary adjustments to the A/V installation this evening in preparation of rehearsals and the big awards night to come.


Lastly, the final night for the final group arrived (day 6)!  The décor team took over early in the morning once again installing the incredible Disco décor treatment that created such an enormous response with the first group.  As the day progressed, tables were set, rehearsals were run and the band sound check took place.  Finally, it was time for the awards to begin…  And what a night it was!!

Wine Festival

Showtime Events was asked to turn an old, unattractive tradeshow floor into an intimate and elegant charity wine auction experience.

Unfortunately, the only space available that was large enough to house the elite scheduled to attend this event was not a place organizers wanted guests to see.  Thus, Showtime Events created a Tuscan Wine Village concept and transformed the entire space.  In the silent auction and pre-function areas, a cobblestone path with a variety of Tuscan Village vignettes were created while a hanging roof façade made of lattice, greenery and grapes gave the enormous space an intimate feel.

Creating a wall during the silent auction period was a red wine theatrical drape accented by a moving gold chiffon curtain.  At the appropriate time, the gold curtain was drawn to create a dramatic entrance for guests to transition into the live auction portion of the evening.

Once guests walked through the curtain, they were amazed at the elegant room they had entered.  It was completely transformed through rich fabric, impressive stage set, outrageous table treatments and intelligent lighting.  Guests looked in awe around the room as they marveled at how such a transition could take place.

All that was left was for the guests to enjoy an incredible lavish dinner while the live auction raised a large amount of money for charity.  The entire auction was broadcast on live IMAG and recorded for the committee.  An incredible vision became reality amidst such an undesirable location!

Fire & Ice

The goal was to create the feel of continually changing temperatures and corresponding moods throughout the evening, while at the same time incorporating dramatic entertainment and visuals to compliment and complete the effect. In addition everything was choreographed to build to a crescendo performance that kicked off the rest of the night.

The room was bathed with mysterious and glowing white and soft blue specialty lighting focused on gentle white fabrics that covered the surrounding walls. This created the feeling of “ice” to welcome the guests to the evening festivities.  Each table setting consisted of an acrylic table that was vividly lit from beneath with a battery operated LED light pack.  Each LED pack was controlled remotely and the colors of the tables transitioned throughout the evening and in sync with the perimeter lighting changes. Satin white linens were used to create the perfect palate for the under-lighting and enhance the elegant look of each portion of the night as the room changed from ice to fire.  The centerpiece for each table was a custom ice sphere with a single flame to signify the “fire” portion of the night and add to the powerful table treatment!  White spandex chair covers further enhanced the theme.

The stage was the main attraction during dinner for the awards ceremony and entertainment!  Headline entertainment for the evening was a dynamic fire show featuring a multitude of entertainers mystifying the crowd.  This was a powerful and high energy performance that got the crowd involved and excited!  Following dinner, guests danced the night away to an incredible interactive dance band.


Tropical Fantasy

This tropical fantasy was taken to a whole new level with lighted tables, glowing centerpieces, lighting and video effects combined with custom animated branding; each element coordinated with the other.


Our lighting producer combined all of the elements to create one of the most incredible Awards Ceremonies of 2006.


We took our client’s vision, to its maximum WOW factor by creating a Tropical Fantasy of light.


In the foyer a ‘port of call’ vignette for photo opportunities, gave only a hint of what was to come. As the guests entered the ballroom they were seated at lighted tables with glowing feather palm centerpieces, a cruise ship on the Caribbean waters was projected onto the stage backdrop to greet them.


Perimeter décor consisted of custom painted spandex murals of live palms with up lighting giving that perfect feel of a warm tropical night. Airstar cones with interior vivid LED lighting were remotely synchronized with the surrounding effects.


The entire room came together with the stage and its rear projection on a 20’ X 40’ cyc wall in combination with the intelligent lighting. The lighting effects were flawlessly interwoven with the custom made video projections. These video effects were created and edited by our in-house staff. Our clients branding was recreated with 3D computer generated modeling, along with modeled elements such as a cruise ship, a Caribbean sea, tropical landscapes and other organic shapes. Once created; these elements were animated. Shading and lighting were added and adjusted to be edited into the video special effects. Once all of the elements were brought to the stage; Michael combined and directed the video effects and lighting effects to coincide with the client’s program activities.


The evening began with all lighting set to a white glow as guests entered the main ballroom for dinner and the awards program.  A moving 3D graphic was projected onto the cyc wall at the stage to create animation to a dark stage during the first course of dinner.


Throughout each course of dinner, the dining tables morphed to a different color while the cyc wall featured a different animation.  This allowed for a continuously changing look as the evening progressed throughout dinner and on to the awards program.


Once dinner was complete and the awards began, the stage came to life with an incredible presentation that the guests never expected.  With 24 moving light fixtures, 3 large screen video projections and conventional lighting, each presenter and award recipient was showcased and honored in a visual spectacular.  This combined with the constantly evolving light at the tables; we were able to create an endless amount of room looks that tickled the imagination!


We really took this vision and ran with it to create a most incredible dreamlike Tropical Fantasy of light.


Sports Village

Guests were treated to an outrageous evening of fun and excitement at this incredible Sports Village. At the entrance, guests walked through a Stadium entrance arch welcoming them to the party. This entrance gave guests the feel of walking through the players tunnel down into the locker rooms of the professional teams! A locker wall, bench and referee greeters accented this entrance vignette.


Hand painted murals of sports legends were suspended throughout the ballroom including Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods, Miracle on Ice, Wayne Gretzky, Dale Earnhardt, Babe Ruth, and Walter Payton. Colorful uplighting enhanced each of these pieces and created a colorful glow throughout the room.


The dining tables alternated with different sports themes creating an exciting look. The tables treatments included; Indy racing, basketball, football, baseball and boxing. A variety of memorabilia from each of these sports were displayed atop a themed table linen enhancing this great event!


An authentic full “boxing ring” was installed as the dance floor for this event. A box truss was flown high above the boxing ring (dance floor). Colored washes of lighting and sports gobos were projected out to each of the walls, enhancing the theme and making it as though each sport was on stage. Additionally, intelligent lighting fixtures were positioned on the truss to light up the dance floor and give guests a club like feel.


A high energy DJ performed hits of yesterday and today, taking requests and leading interactive dances.


As other forms of entertainment positioned around the room we installed a multitude of sports bar games including; dart boards, foose ball, air hockey, pool tables, ping pong, pop-a-shot basketball, football toss, Ms. Pacman, Galaga, Daytona USA racing, Alpine skiing and putting challenge.


Finally, what would a “Sports Bar” theme be without an actual “Sports Bar”? We built an authentic hard wood bar in the center of the ballroom that was 40’ long and 14’ wide. This was an island bar and allowed guests to sit at the bar on both sides. TV screens were positioned around the bar showing current games, ESPN, and other sports related programming. Sports pennants, team banners, jerseys and memorabilia were all displayed throughout the “bar” area on brick walls completing the “Sports Bar” look.


This incredible sports night was a big hit for all of the guests and one they are sure to remember!

50th Anniversary

Elegant Beach

This unique and stylish beach event began as guests left the hotel and were led
down an illuminated path accented by white cylinders on each side. As guests
strolled to the beach they were greeted by our boardwalk fabric treatment. This
entranceway consisted of bamboo poles embellished with palm leaves, white
billowing fabric and uplighting that set the tone for the evening!

As guests hit the beach they were transported into a chic “Miami style” club
atmosphere by the water. Immediately they were impacted by the visual
recreation of the famous “Club Duvet”.

Around the perimeter of the function space we had installed two (2) mahogany
beach cabanas. These bed lounges were enveloped in white fabric that created
an alluring effect as it blew in the breeze. The appeal of these ocean side
lounges was compelling as guests relaxed and enjoyed the evening.

Guests were able to enjoy something to drink at one of the two (2) mahogany
bars that we installed. Each bar was accented by a mix of white canvas and real
palm trees to create an elegant tropical feel. Additionally, we had a giant sand
castle built between the bars that featured the company logo and was the topic of
lots of discussions. To provide an ambient feel to this area we installed our 5’
round Airstar light that created necessary light and provided the perfect mood.

The table treatments consisted of white floor length linen, accented by our
shimmer sheer overlay. White canvas palm trees acted as centerpieces
accented by votive candles and white napkins completed the look.

As a focal point in the center of the event we installed our white spandex truss
sculpture. The company logo was projected from this onto the center of the sand
branding the event.

This lit up sand under and around the truss structure acted as a dance floor for
the event, while a DJ kept them dancing all night! At the conclusion of the event,
guests enjoyed an amazing 10-minute firework finale; that took place over the

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